At H2, we work in close creative collaboration with you, with a comprehensive, full-service approach to every event. From managing the basics with your venue, to developing the format and securing all the right live voice-overs and entertainment, we make it easy so you can take it easy. Better planning. More confidence. Less stress.


From the outset we’re bang on brief and bang on brand. With creative solutions to match your ambitions (and your budget) and impeccable client service that’s flexible, responsive and totally reliable.



Bringing It All Together

When it comes to delivery, we’ve got all the details covered. We can create a whole visual look and feel for your show. Write – and rewrite – scripts til they’re sharp, accurate and compelling. Then check content to ensure that everything’s aligned with your core messaging. To put your mind at rest, we always insist on onsite sound-checks and rehearsals to ensure a slick, tight and professional show.


Creative Flourishes

Because we know tech, we can stream live video, set up Twitter walls and edit post-event highlights packages. We can even coordinate speaker coaching and completely personalised scriptwriting, so what you’re saying sounds exactly like you.



Support Beyond Events

When we’re not crafting your event, we’re here with day-to-day support – from choreographing business meetings to creating graphics, writing scripts and training presenters. All in one place.